Springbank and Longrow Ballot

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Our next ballot offers the chance to purchase the latest limited editions from the famed Springbank distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland. These whiskies were released late last year and now very limited stock has arrived in SA.

We have far too few bottles to make these releases openly available, so once again we are relying on a ballot to provide a fair and equitable approach to interested customers. (If you are new to our ballot system and want to understand why we choose this approach, please scroll to the bottom for more info.)

In addition to the ballot, these whiskies are available to order by the dram at WhiskyBrother Bar and we are working on a DramPack in order to allow more people the opportunity to taste the whiskies.

Springbank Ballot 2023


The following three limited releases are available through this ballot:

  1. Longrow Red 11yo Tawny Port Cask (2022) 57.5%, R1,890
  2. Springbank 10yo PX Sherry Wood Series (2022) 55%, R2,390
  3. Springbank 21yo (2022) 46%, R7,290


Please enter your details below in order to stand a chance to be able to purchase a bottle of either limited release whisky. We will randomly draw as many customers as we have bottles available, with each customer being allowed to purchase a single bottle.

You may enter the ballot for as many of the three whiskies as you are interested in; they will be run as separate ballots so your chances will not be increased or decreased, no matter which whiskies you are interested in.



  • By entering this ballot you agree to receive future communication from WhiskyBrother&Co
  • Only one entry per person accepted - multiple entries will be removed
  • The ballot will close on Monday 27th February at midnight
  • Winners will be emailed on Tuesday 28th February by 5pm
  • Winners must complete their purchase by Friday 3rd March at midnight
  • Please note that unsuccessful ballot entries will not be contacted; if you haven't received communication that you are a successful ballot winner by Tuesday 28th February, it means you are unsuccessful.
  • Only open to South African residents, aged 18 and over


The simple reality is, we have very few bottles available for retail, but we know the demand outstrips availability by 100x (and that's honestly not an exaggeration).

We are fortunate that after 10 years of trading we have a sizeable customer base across our beautiful country. Some customers may only buy once a year, while others buy weekly, and some don't support us at all but would be more than happy to buy one of these releases regardless. We appreciate all our customers, and any measure to determine who "deserves" to purchase will be flawed and will leave many upset.

A ballot system leaves things to chance and gives everyone fair time to enter: You register your interest, we have an impartial third-party randomly select names, and those individuals then have the opportunity to purchase a bottle. Love it or hate it, this has become the defacto approach globally for any professional retailer trying to distribute the limited stock in the fairest manner. 


  • Lukas Struharik

    Best regards from Czech Republic!

  • Michael Coleman

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

    Let me know!

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