Sell Your Whisky Collection

We buy whisky collections on a monthly basis from sellers all across South Africa. If you have bottles you are considering selling, whether just one or two, or dozens (even 100s), please contact us. We would be happy to take a look, assist with valuations, and if we like what we see, we will make you a market-related offer. You can get in touch with us by emailing us here.

As the only dedicated whisky retailer in the country, we have a large customer base all over South Africa, that are always on the lookout for something no longer available and limited releases. Through this we are able to offer whisky sellers the best market prices available in the country.

Whiskies we like to buy:

  • Single malts
  • Whiskies that are no longer produced (closed distilleries)
  • Discontinued and limited releases
  • Independent bottlings

 Whiskies that we (generally) do not buy:

  • Bell's decanters
  • Blends that are still produced
  • Whisky liqueurs
  • Open bottles

If you are in doubt, email us. The more information you can provide, including photos, the quicker we can assist you.

Sell Your Whisky Collection