Press Room

Over the years we've received some coverage in various media/TV/radio/blogs, or been asked to provide commentary on current whisky happenings:

2019 May, The Daily MaverickScotch lovers flock to whisky bars for unique experiences

2019 May, Business DayWhisky as an investment: a dram or a dream?

2019 April, Sunday Times | It's Whisky's Turn

2018 July, Sunday Times | We've found whisky heaven: it's in Joburg

2018 June, The CitizenThere’s never been a better time to try bourbon

2018 June, Kalay Maistry (blog) | Rediscovering Peat & Love on Ardbeg Day

2018 January, SA FM | Classic Wine Interview (Audio Recording)

2017 August, Get It (Joburg North) | Jozi Gems

2017 July, SA FM | Classic Wine Interview (Audio Recording)

2017 May, BusinessDay Wanted | Keep Calm and Collect Whisky

2017, Source Unknown | The In Crowd

2015 November, MUDL MagazineWhiskyBrother's New Arran Private Cask Offering

2015 February, Radio 702Every Tom, Dick and Julius is drinking whisky

2014 November, CNBC AfricaThe Intoxicating Returns of Whiskey Investment (YouTube)

2014 October, BusinessTechMost expensive whisky in SA

2014 May, Media UpdateWhiskyBrother hosts SA's first ever online whisky tasting

2013 September, Night Jar Travel | Whisky Gifting Made Easy

2012 December, JHB Live | WhiskyBrother Opens Up Shop