About WhiskyBrother

Welcome to WhiskyBrother&Co: World-class whiskies, spirits and customer service, since 2012.


WhiskyBrother is an independent and proudly South African business established in 2012 because of our love for whisky. Although recently we have increased our product offering, it is our love for the people, the places, the history and the flavours behind every bottle of whisky and spirit that drives us. We have a passion for the products we sell and for the people that enjoy them, and it’s this shared passion that propels us to offer world-class products and world-class service.

We started as a humble whisky blog in 2009, focused on learning about whisky and sharing that information and our experiences with like-minded South Africans. We’ve always seen ourselves as part of a larger community of whisky and spirit drinkers that are interested in knowing more about the liquid in their glass. The impetus for our store came from being dissatisfied with what was locally on offer and by being inspired from our travels to Scotland. In our opinion, whisky is a specialised product and deserves a specialised retail environment. (You don’t go to CNA to buy a Mont Blanc pen or to a general car dealership to buy a Ferrari, why should you go to a general bottle store to buy a premium, limited release Scotch single malt…)

Although we have branched out to other spirits, our ethos has not changed: we are here to learn, share what we know, and grow the whisky and spirits communities in SA, by stocking a curated selection of premium and skilfully-crafted products.


2009 The WhiskyBrother blog is started
2012 We quit our corporate jobs and opened the WhiskyBrother shop in Johannesburg
2016 Extended our physical store to reach all South Africans with our online store
2017 Our first inaugural whisky festival, The Only Whisky Show, held in Joburg
2017 Opened our dedicated whisky bar in Johannesburg (serving over 1,500 whiskies)
2020 Voted Best Single Outlet Whisky Retailer in the World at the international Icons of Whisky
2020 Expanded our product offering to include other craft spirits and select wine
2021 Voted Best Single Outlet Whisky Retailer and Highly Commended Online Retailer in the Rest of the World category at Icons of Whisky
2021 Returned the Scotch Malt Whisky Society to South Africa
2021 Opened our second physical store in Bryanston, Johannesburg
2022 Opened our third physical store in Bedfordview, Johannesburg
2022 Expanded The Only Whisky Show festival to Cape Town
2023 Voted Best Multiple Outlet Whisky Retailer in the world at the international Icons of Whisky


Since our start in 2012 we have consistently expanded to increase our offering and services to bring as many South Africans as possible world-class whiskies, spirits and customer service at every step of their journey. Our business now encompasses the following:

  • Physical retail stores in Hyde Park, Bryanston and Bedfordview, Johannesburg
  • Online store shipping nationally across South Africa
  • WhiskyBrother Bar in Morningside, Johannesburg
  • Our annual whisky festival The Only Whisky Show
  • Import and distribution of select Scotch whisky brands
  • Exclusive stockist of select brands and products
  • WhiskyBrother exclusive releases

We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and we make sure that everything we do, we do to a world-class standard. Due to this, our growth is organic and self-founded; we do not franchise and we do not allow others to control our brand. We are about people and passion, not about profits.


We are honoured and thankful to do what we love with the support of our customers and the whisky and spirits community at large. If you are an existing customer, thank you for your support it means the world (and our livelihoods) to us. If you are new to us, we hope you will consider using our services when making your next purchase and give us the opportunity to show you our world-class products and service.