About WhiskyBrother

Welcome to WhiskyBrother, Johannesburg’s first and only speciality whisky store!

Whisky is our absolute passion, and it is this passion that lead us to opening a dedicated whisky store. We started as a humble whisky blog, focused on learning and sharing that information with like-minded South Africans to get involved and help grow the SA whisky community. The idea of the store stemmed from being dissatisfied with what was locally on offer, and by being inspired from our visits to specialist whisky stores on our travels. Three years later (2012) we took the plunge and haven't regretted a single day since.

Our ethos has not changed: we are hear to learn, share what we know, and grow the SA whisky community.

We sell whisky, and whisky related items, only. We don't care much for other spirits or alcohols; not that there is anything wrong with them, but it's not what we love, and it's not what we know.

Our shelves are lined with approximately 500 different whiskies with an ever-changing range; from the well-known blending families, to the limited release single casks from independent bottlers. We stock as much as we can, no matter where it is from. We love all whisky, and it's our goal to offer the widest selection in SA (although I think we are already do :) ).

It is an honour to do what we do, and share our passion with like-minded South African whisky lovers. Come visit us, introduce yourself, and let us pour you a dram while we talk whisky.


Marc Pendlebury
Founder and Co-Owner