Icons of Whisky 2023 (Rest of World)

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The annual World Whisky Awards have begun announcing the winners of the various regions; the awards are split into six areas - America, Australia, China, Ireland, Scotland and Rest of World - with the winners of each area going on to compete for the global title.

Much to our excitement and pleasant surprise, we have found out that we have been awarded the Multiple Outlet Retailer of the Year in the Rest of the World region! This region sees all countries outside of the five specific countries compete with one another, thus making up the largest geographical territory (and includes England, Canada and all of Europe). We are incredibly proud and humbled to even be nominated amongst our peers in these countries, but to take the accolade and represent South Africa on the world stage is a tremendous honour and amazing recognition. 

Icons of Whisky 2023 Multiple Outlet Retailer ROW

This is only the second year we qualify for the Multiple Outlet Retailer award, since our Bryanston and Bedfordview stores opened their doors in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Prior to having multiple stores we were no stranger to the Single Outlet Retailer, winning the award in our region twice and even going so far as to win the global title across all regions in 2020. (Sadly, it was as COVID lockdowns were already implemented globally and SA had banned alcohol, so there was no ceremony or celebrations, quite the opposite...)

Rest of World Winners

Other notable winners in the region include Kavalan (Taiwan) for Distiller of the Year, and Milk & Honey (Israel) who received no less than four awards for Craft Producer, Brand Innovator, Visitor Attraction (highly commended) and Tal Chotiner Brand Ambassador (highly commended). We have been fans of and have supported both of these producers over the years as they establish their presence on the world stage, including exclusive releases and attendance at our annual whisky festival, so it is terrific to see their achievement and join them on stage.

A full list of the Rest of World winners is available here, including the award winners for the other regions that have been announced so far: Ireland, Scotland and America.

Global Ceremony

The Icons of Whisky global awards and the World Whiskies Awards winners will be announced and presented on 30th of March at a ceremony in London. We will be in attendance, proudly representing South Africa, so please consider pouring a big dram on the night and crossing a few fingers and toes! 🤞🏽🥃


  • Zani

    Respect! Well done team, look forward to you bringing home the global title 😆

  • Rob D

    Brilliant work WB and congrats! 🥃

  • Willem Kilian

    Congratulations, guys, you 100% deserve it! SA is lucky to have you.

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