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Last month we rolled out our inaugural whisky ballot, the new method of choice internationally for retailers facing the challenge of miniscule supply versus massive demand.

Overall, our adoption of the ballot seems to have been understood and appreciated by our customers. First prize would of course be enough great whisky for everyone who wants it (although would it really be a limited edition then, and if it isn't "limited" would everyone still actually want a bottle?! 🤔) but in lieu of that, the ballot system did its job in randomly selecting some lucky customers who then purchased a bottle.

Well, we are back with our next ballot, this time for the upcoming Ardbeg Day special release.

Ardbeg Scotch Limited Release Ballot


Although physical Ardbeg Day celebrations are again sadly cancelled across the globe, this year's limited release, Ardbeg Scorch, is about to be available in South Africa. Scorch will be released in honour of Ardbeg Day, an annual event held on the final day of Fèis Ìle, Islay’s music and whisky festival. This year it falls on 5 June and will take place online.
Matured in casks which have been “heavily charred”, the whisky’s name is inspired by the folk tales of Islay’s mythical dragon.

Whisky Ardbeg Scorch 
ABV and Volume 46%, 750ml
Type Islay Single Malt Scotch
Casks Heavily-charred ex-bourbon casks
Retail Price R1,995 (bundle with a bottle of Ardbeg Wee Beastie)


Ballot aside, as per Ardbeg Day last year, we are again bundling this year's special release Scorch (R1,400) with another core-range Ardbeg, the Wee Beastie (R595).

The local whisky market has struggled over the last ± 5 years, with SA whisky sales declining to the point where we have fallen off the top 10 whisky market list. (And that was before the crippling blows of three alcohol bans over the last 15 months!) The volume of any limited release is usually allocated to the various markets based on existing sales of standard releases. If SA whisky sales are down, we can only assume that in general Ardbeg is not doing as well either, and therefore as a country we are getting less limited release stock.

The only way to rectify this is to buy and drink more Ardbeg. It's up to all of us, as whisky and Ardbeg lovers, to do what we can to build the brand all year around. Let's not forget the Ardbeg Committee was created to stop the distillery ever having to close again, as it did in the 1990s.


Please enter your details below in order to stand a chance to be able to purchase a bottle of Ardbeg Scorch bundle. We will randomly draw as many customers as we have bottles available, with each customer being allowed to purchase a single bottle.


Terms & Conditions

  • Only email addresses submitted that are subscribed to our newsletter will be eligible
  • By entering this ballot you agree to receive future communication from WhiskyBrother&Co
  • The ballot will close for entries on Sunday 30th May at midnight
  • Only ballot winners will be contacted (if you do not receive an email from us with instructions to purchase, then you were not a ballot winner)
  • Winners will be contacted via email by Monday 31st May 5pm
  • Winners must complete their purchase by Friday 4th June at 5pm


  • Willie Potgieter

    Bring on the smoke and peat, please.

  • James Graham

    May the best man win… thanks for the excitement created.

  • Brian Munks

    2 please

  • ivan hellmann

    I think that this is my time now after missing out on the last dtaw

  • Samer Sader

    3 please

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