Whisky Ballot for New Limited Releases

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For better or worse, we'd like to welcome you to our very first whisky ballot (and the first for SA); an approach that has been adopted internationally with retailers facing the challenge of miniscule supply versus massive demand.

We have too few bottles of a particular whisky that everybody wants, so no matter how we try to determine who the few lucky customers are that can purchase it, it has come to the point where drawing randomly from an interested pool is more equitable.

Please know that we are well aware no matter how we approach this, there will be unhappy customers who desperately want a bottle but don't get one. We get it, we really do- we are whisky people too. As passionate enthusiasts, we love certain brands/producers/releases more than others, and for a variety of reasons there are just some bottles we must have... but sadly, in a golden age of whisky comes a global market and limited releases are stretched thinner than ever.

Whisky Ballot


The simple reality is, we have less than a handful of bottles available for retail, but we know the demand outstrips availability by 100x (and that's honestly not hyperbole). 

We are fortunate that after 8 years of trading we have a sizeable customer base across our beautiful country. Some customers may only buy once a year, while others buy weekly. We appreciate them all, and any measure to determine who "deserves" to purchase will be flawed and will leave a bitter taste in many a mouth.

A ballot system leaves everything to chance and gives everyone fair time to enter: You register your interest, we have an impartial third-party randomly select names, and those individuals then have the opportunity to purchase a bottle.


We have two limited releases available through this inaugural ballot: 


The Local Barley series is one of the distillery's most highly anticipated and, although initially planned to be a series of five releases, due to its popularity it will now be an annual limited release. Each year, Springbank use different barley varieties, grown by different local farmers. (Terroir perhaps? 🤔)

Producer Springbank
Release 10yo Local Barley 2021 
ABV and Volume 55.6%, 750ml
Type Scotch Single Malt
Casks Oloroso sherry
Retail Price R1,750
Bottles Produced 8,500


Although bottled earlier last year, this limited edition Compass Box is now only being released due to the global impact of COVID. 

In 2016, the producer re-racked one-year-old malt spirit into first-fill Oloroso sherry-seasoned casks. Three years later, one cask in particular ‘proved so compelling’ that it led to further experimentation. After introducing it to a much
older malt whisky from the now lost Imperial distillery, Compass Box say they "witnessed a moment of magic".

Producer Compass Box
Release Magic Cask 2020
ABV and Volume 46%, 750ml
Type Scotch Blended Malt
 Casks 92% first-fill bourbon, 8% first-fill Oloroso
Retail Price R3,350
Bottles Produced 5,538


Please enter your details below in order to stand a chance to be able to purchase a bottle of either limited release whisky. We will randomly draw as many customers as we have bottles available, with each customer being allowed to purchase a single bottle.

You may enter the ballot for either of the two whiskies, or both; they will be run as separate ballots so your chances will not be increased or reduced, no matter which whiskies you are interested in. 


Terms & Conditions

  • By entering this ballot you agree to receive future communication from WhiskyBrother&Co
  • The ballot will close for entries on Thursday 29th April at midnight
  • Only ballot winners will be contacted
  • Ballot winners will be contacted via email by Tuesday 4th May at 5pm
  • Winners must complete their purchase by Friday 7th May at 5pm


  • Chris

    I really must commend you for taking a chance on a ballot system. I can’t imagine being in such a tough predicament. But I think this is a step towards a reasonable system.

  • Parameswara Naidoo

    Just make sure I win🤣

  • Bashan Govindarajulu

    To the best, incredibly honest and genuine group of guys I wish you every bit of success. It is richly deserved!… Cheers 🥂

  • Gavin von Holdt

    Keep the passion flowing!

  • Cliff Norman

    So happy about your new shop and wish you so much success that it is embarrassing.

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