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Yossi Schwartz

Join us on for our next episode of WB Live, featuring Yossi Schwartz, founder and owner of Single & Single, a South African based independent whisky bottler.

Yossi started Single & Single in 2006 and released a trio of some amazing whisky in the years that followed. Then after a several year hiatus he returned with renewed vigor and has consistently been releasing hit after hit whisky in the last few years. 

We'll be chatting to Yossi about the role and world of independent bottlers, the history of Single & Single, take a look at his releases over the years and we'll be tasting the 5 whiskies available in his Single & Single Tasting Set (on promotion now until this event- save R400!).

GUEST Yossi Schwartz
DATE Thursday, 25 March
TIME 6pm SAST / 4pm GMT
WHISKIES Single & Single Tasting Set (5x30ml)
LINKS YouTube and Facebook


So please join us, drams in hand, for a rare opportunity to chat to the founder of one of SA's few independent bottlers, and a genuinely good human, while we taste his exceptional whiskies.

Single & Single Tasting Set


  • WhiskyBrother

    @Dee The links will be posted tomorrow (we can only create 7-days prior to the event, no longer) 👍🏽

  • Dee

    Have bought the pack and would love to join the discussion. Please could you send the link.

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