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Ticking another item off our whisky to-do list, we are excited to bring you our very own whisky tasting sets, or as we've called them: DramPacks! We've been wanting to put tasting sets together for years, but to be able to produce a reliable and consistent product doesn't happen overnight, and other larger projects (whisky bar, whisky show, exclusive releases) kept taking priority. Then last year we dusted off the project again only to be halted by lockdown restrictions! This year has been slightly more forgiving, and apart from supply issues with the sample bottles, we've finally finished development.

DramPack Tasting Sets

Our DramPacks are intended as an easy way to explore new whiskies or for convenient tasting line-ups with your friends at home - without incurring the cost of full bottles. Each pack contains five x 30ml samples of a selection of whiskies arranged around a theme. The selection will be added to and changed regularly to feature different releases, producers and brands, offering you the chance to try new, different and limited edition whiskies from around the world.


For launch, we have four packs available:

  1. 5-Nations offering whiskies from five different countries, which is one of our most popular tasting requests for events,
  2. Scotch Classics featuring some wonderful Scotch producers and styles
  3. WB Exclusives giving you the chance to try some of our recently bottled exclusive releases with the option of joining us for an online tasting, and
  4. Springbank/Glengyle Limited Edition pack that contains 5 highly sought-after whiskies that were recently only available via ballot!

It's hard to know what demand will be like for these packs, so in the off-chance they sell out really quickly, just give us a few days to produce more and the product will be available online again. Except of course for the Springbank/Glengyle DramPack which we can never repeat based on the incredible scarcity of the whiskies.

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Some of the packs will also feature an optional online tasting for everyone who purchased that pack and who is interested in joining us online for a virtual event. These particular DramPacks will be clearly marked to indicate an online tasting is offered along with the pack.

In addition, any single order of ten or more DramPacks automatically qualifies you to receive a complimentary online tasting with one of our team. Once your order has been placed, simply contact us to arrange a date and time, and we will meet you and your group online to run you through the whiskies.


The physical DramPacks are just the start of our plans; these packs now enable us to do a lot of other cool things online, including regular online tastings, virtual versions of The Only Whisky Show, as well as the ability to bring in international guests to join us for online whisky tastings.

We would also love to do custom packs for your whisky clubs, events and even businesses; as long as we have retail stock available of the whiskies and you order at least 20 packs. If you are interested, please get in touch with us (and give us sufficient time/notice to pour over 100 samples!). 

Lastly, we are also planning for DramPacks that feature other spirits, once we've had a chance to hear from you and what you'd like to see!

And, yes... whisky advent calendars are next and currently underway! 😁


  • Willem Kilian

    This looks great! Looking forward to the advent calendars too! :D

  • Derek Nell

    Sounds fantastic.
    Only one item missing!
    A WB&Co branded glass with a accompanying drip mat ;-)

  • Alex Wolman

    Absolutely awesome stuff guys! I cannot tell you the number of times I have wanted to taste a new bottling without purchasing a bottle, and this innovative new initiative is an exciting opportunity for us Whisky lovers to try delicious, new, and limited bottlings! Wishing you guys all of the success with this fantastic offering and looking so forward to the future plans and advent calendars!

    P.S. already ordered my WB exclusives and Springbank packs and cannot wait to try them!

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