Bimber Oolong Tea Gin

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Crafted at the Bimber Distillery in West London and inspired by Master Distiller Darius Plazewski's love of tea, Bimber Oolong Tea Gin is made with one of the world’s most expensive teas. Prized by tea connoisseurs worldwide, Da Hong Pao grows between the rocks of Southern China’s Wuyi Mountains. Applying traditional brewing and draining methods, the tea leaves are left to infuse in Bimber's London Dry Gin for one week to allow for maximum flavour extraction, before being filtered and bottled. Bottled at a high strength of 51.8%. (Bottle size 500ml)

Nose: Complex aromas driven by roasted tea with hints of juniper.

Palate: A gentle sweet and warm charcoal, followed by a pointed touch of flowers.

Finish: Rich and warming woody finish.