Launch of Our Online Store!

by WhiskyBrother Marc

Online Shopping with WhiskyBrother!

We opened our doors just over 3 years ago, and like most whisky maturing in a cask, it's after the first 3 years that things get interesting! Being able to offer our whisky-wares to a wider audience of passionate drinkers across SA, is something we've wanted to do since our first day. The reality is, however, that such endeavours need resources, and as a small business our focus was to first to establish the physical store before spreading our whisky wings to try new things.

The aim of the online store is to offer convenience, to both our customers in the greater Joburg area as well as would-be customers across SA. Up until now we have shipped many a bottle outside of Joburg, but it was far from convenient, and although I'm sure we would all agree that great whisky deserves a little bit of effort, we're thrilled to make our wide selection more accessible.

To accommodate the online shopping our website has had to be reworked, but let's be honest, it was in need of attention. The new site will be updated as soon as new products come in, and allow you to easily find what you are looking for by browsing by country, producer and distillery.

The site is far from complete, and our intention is that it will never really be done, as we hope to keep adding features and content. Just as no visit to our physical store is ever identical, we plan on keeping the website and online fresh with updates and additions.

We hope you like the site, and as always, get in touch if you have any feedback. Let the wonderful whisky web shopping begin! :)

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