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by WhiskyBrother Marc

As many items as we have ticked-off our whisky to-do list, we never stop adding to it. One of these items which has been there for years, is to offer training/courses on whisky. This is different to the 100s of whisky tastings we do each year, as it would be more comprehensive and not focused on a few distilleries/brands that happen to be in the line-up for a particular tasting.

Doing training of this nature is no small task, and as we love to work and collaborate with other whisky companies, instead of designing our own course we thought it would be best to find and partner with an industry leader.

Edinburgh Whisky Academy

This leads us to the exciting news of our partnership with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy (EWA). Established in 2015 in Scotland's capital, the EWA specialises in whisky training for both whisky enthusiasts as well as individuals within the industry (or who aspire to enter the industry).

EWA operate with a network of teaching centres around the world that deliver the certified courses in-person. All are audited regularly to ensure they meet the highest EWA and Scottish Qualification Authority standards, and WhiskyBrother is now an approved course provider with our very own Valentine Maseko an accredited EWA trainer.

The Certificate in Scotch Whisky 

Although there are a few course options, we are starting off by offering the EWA's primary and most popular course, The Certificate in Scotch Whisky. The course runs over two days and covers the following 9 modules:

  1. The History of Scotch Whisky
  2. The Business of Scotch Whisky
  3. Raw Materials
  4. Production Process
  5. Batch Distillation
  6. Grain Distillation
  7. Maturation
  8. Blending 
  9. Bottling
In addition, there are 10 whiskies tasted and a final assessment that must be written at the end of the course.

    Upcoming Courses

    We have four planned courses; three in Joburg and one in Cape Town, in the upcoming months, and based on demand will continue to set regular and frequent courses. (It is also possible to book us for a privately arranged course if you have sufficient interest.)

    July 22nd and 29th Joburg Completed
    September 23rd and 30th Joburg Completed
    October 28th and 29th Cape Town Completed
    November 18th and 25th Joburg Completed

    Space is limited to only 10 people per course with refreshments, snacks, notebook and pen, lapel pin and framed certificate (once assessment is passed) included.

    Simply buy your ticket online and arrive with your curiosity and your love for whisky! 

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