Craigellachie Bar 51

by WhiskyBrother Marc

Craigellachie Bar 51

The whisky world is full of high-end, limited release whiskies with eye-watering prices that most of us, sadly, can't afford. So it was a refreshing change when Craigellachie, the Speyside Scotch distillery established in 1891, announced their oldest expression to-date and that instead of selling it off to the highest bidder, they were going to share it with whisky fans around the world.

Going against the grain, Craigellachie are sharing their newest yet oldest expression, dram by dram. Over the past 12 months, Craigellachie 51yo (of which there were only 51 bottles produced) has toured the world and been made available at special tastings in London, New York and Sydney; and now, it’s South Africa’s turn.

Local whisky lovers can prepare themselves for The Craigellachie Bar 51, a once-in-a-lifetime whisky experience which includes a tasting of the newly launched Craigellachie 13yo and Craigellachie 17yo, bespoke Craigellachie cocktails created by top South African mixologists, and a private tasting of Craigellachie 51yo with global brand ambassador Georgie Bell.

There are two events being held in South Africa, and WhiskyBrother Bar is proud to be the host venue for the Johannesburg event later this month, on the 20th and 21st of November. For a chance to join us, enter on the Craigellachie website; entries close in 5 days' time (10 November) so don't wait!

Enter to attend Craigellachie Bar 51

The second event is being held in Cape Town at The Athletic Club & Social on the 26th and 27th of November. CT whisky fans can use the same link above to stand a chance to attend that event.

Craigellachie 51yo

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