William Larue Weller 2018

William Larue Weller 2018

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Released in 2018 as part of the annual (and now famous and highly sought after) Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and named after pioneering distiller William Larue Weller, who substituted wheat for the traditional rye grain in the mash bill. Distilled in 2006 and matured for at least twelve years and six months in lightly charred virgin oak barrels. Non-chillfiltered and bottled at a barrel proof of 62.85%.

Nose: Fragrant scents of caramel corn, new leather, plums, light toffee and pipe tobacco.

Palate: Tastes of marshmallow, salted almonds, nougat, figs and dates.

Finish: This whiskey finishes smooth, composed and flavourfully sweet.


William Larue Weller 2018 American Whiskey