Tesseron Tresor Cognac

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Made using Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes, Tesseron Tresor Cognac is crafted from a blend of around 1000 eaux-die-vie aged for more than two generations (50+ years) in special barrels called 'Tierçons' within the Tesseron family's Paradis where the oldest cognacs are kept. Bottled at 40%. (Bottle size 750ml)

The family-run Tesseron Cognac House was established in 1905 by Abel Tesseron. He began by collecting all the oldest and finest eaux-de-vie he could lay his hands on, before progressing onto distilling, ageing and blending his own Cognacs. However, for a long time, most of the company’s luxury very old Cognacs were sold to other houses and were used to form the heart of their blends. For this reason, Tesseron remained little known outside of the region for many years.