Russell's Reserve 10yo

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The Nose:  A lush sweetness tempered by wood and spice. Juicy orange, sugary cola, vanilla bean ice cream, and cinnamon & sugar mix, specifically cinnamon & sugar mix sprinkled on hot buttered toast. Behind that, fresh-baked lemon bars, buttered sweet corn, crystalized maple syrup, and oaky, spicy goodness in the form of more cinnamon, sawn wood, and a touch of cedar. Tucked in the background are subtle hints of rye, toasted coconut, and faint anise-tinged barrel char.

The Palate:  An initial caramel corn sweetness is joined by cinnamon candies and sweet, spiced orange. More spicy notes make themselves known pretty quickly, coarse vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, and sweet clove, with a bit of peppery rye making an appearance as well. Pleasantly woody with more dry, sawn oak, and old cedar, with just a touch of mint towards the end.

The Finish:  A lengthy, dusty, drying, spicy, oak-tinged finish, with more cinnamon stick, clove, a bit of dried anise, and a touch of burnt popcorn.