Los Danzantes Pechuga Mezcal

Los Danzantes Pechuga Mezcal

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Artisanal mezcal produced with 100% Espadín hand-harvested from the Oaxaca Valley plains. Roasted in a stone-lined, wood-fired roasting pit, milled using a horse-pulled millstone and naturally fermented for 6 days in 800-litre pine vats with yeast native to the region and distilled in 250-litre copper stills. During the third distillation, a recipe of fruits and spices is added to the still, along with a chicken breast hung in the montera of the still. Once distilled, it is stained with Grana Cochineal (a bright red dye made from the bodies of small insects found on the nopal cactus) which gives it its red colour. Bottled at 48%. (Bottle size 750ml)

Nose: Anise and citrus aromas where orange prevails, with notes of tamarind.

Palate: Fresh flavours of orange zest and lemon juice.

Finish: A long, dry finish.

Owned by restaurateurs Jaimé and Gustavo Muñoz, Los Danzantes distillery was founded in 1997 in Santiago Matatlan, Mexico.


Los Danzantes Pechuga Mezcal