Los Danzantes Joven Mezcal

Los Danzantes Joven Mezcal

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Artisanal mezcal produced with 100% Espadín hand-harvested from the Oaxaca Valley plains. Roasted in a stone-lined, wood-fired roasting pit, milled using a horse-pulled millstone, naturally fermented in 800-litre pine vats with yeast native to the region and double distilled in copper stills. Bottled at 47%. (Bottle size 750ml)

Nose: Well-balanced aromas of roasted maguey blend with a mix of green herbs and sharp freshness.

Palate: Light, refined flavours marked by hints of sweet citrus at the peak, with strong lingering notes of roasted agave, a persistent citrus flavour and smoky aftertaste.

Finish: A finish reminiscent of smoke and wood, including a strong lingering aftertaste that is generous in the throat and stomach.

Owned by restaurateurs Jaimé and Gustavo Muñoz, Los Danzantes distillery was founded in 1997 in Santiago Matatlan, Mexico.


Los Danzantes Joven Mezcal