Compass Box Tobias & The Angel

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Released in 2019, Compass Box Tobias & The Angel is a limited release blended malt inspired by the brand's first blended malt, Eleuthera, which was retired in 2004. Comprised of 50.9% Clynelish whisky matured for 24 years in American oak hogsheads, and 49.1% Caol Ila matured to a ‘considerably older age’ in the same kind of cask. A total of 2,634 bottles were produced. Non-chillfiltered, naturally coloured and bottled at 47.6%. (Bottle size 750ml)

The expression takes its name from the Italian Renaissance painting created by Andrea del Verrocchio around 1470-75, which is currently housed at the National Gallery in London. The painting is inspired by an ancient book of scripture titled the Book of Tobit, in which Tobias is instructed by the archangel Raphael to extract the heart, liver and gall from a fish to cure his father’s blindness. The painting showcases the talents of several artists, including Leonardo da Vinci.