Compass Box Stranger & Stranger

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Released in 2018 in celebration of Compass Box working with packaging designers Stranger & Stranger for ten years. Stranger & Stranger is a bit of a departure from Compass Box as it's technically not a whisky. Comprising 1% grain spirit aged for 18 months and the remaining 99% a blend of 17 to 22yo single malts from Glenlossie, Glen Elgin and Linkwood distilleries. Because the grain spirit is under three years old, Stranger & Stranger cannot legally be classified as Scotch, which has lead Compass Box to refer to it as the “not-technically-a-whisky” whisky. A total of 4,802 bottles were produced. Non-chillfiltered, naturally coloured and bottled at 46%. (Bottle size 750ml)

Nose: Custard and dark sugars, fresh apple and an appealing herbal character.

Palate: It has a sweetness on the palate that will call you back to the glass.

Finish: A heavy vanilla finish.