Compass Box No Name

Compass Box No Name

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A limited edition from the exceptionally talented whisky-makers at Compass Box. This blended malt is named No Name in order to "let the whisky speak for itself", this is their peatiest whisky yet with 75.5% of the blend coming from re-charred American barrels from an Islay distillery, and another 10.6% from a 2nd Islay distillery. 15,000 bottles produced worldwide. Non-chillfiltered, naturally coloured and bottled at 48.9%.

Nose: A bonfire-like smokiness with a peatiness that is by turns tarry and medicinal with hints of autumn leaves.

Palate: A powerful smokiness and peatiness, accented by hints of ripe cherries, plums and spice.

Finish: Complex peatiness with an underlying sweetness and fruit.

Compass Box No Name Blended Malt Scotch Whisky