Antica Formula Vermouth

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An Italian red vermouth made to an original recipe created by its founder Antonio Benedetto Carpano, credited for creating vermouth back in 1786. Selected wines from Italian grapes are processed with herbs chosen from around the world. These include vanilla beans from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti, saffron mainly from the plateau areas in Iran, and wormwood (an ingredient according to regulations crucial for it to be considered a vermouth) from the Alps of Piedmont. Carefully extracted and refined for up to several months in a process that infuses and intensifies the flavours. Produced in limited quantities of around 25,000, every small batch is sold in individually numbered bottles. Bottled at 16.5%. (Bottle size 1 litre)

Nose: A bouquet of vanilla emerges, coming together with notes of spices, citrus and dried fruits like raisins and cloves.

Palate: A rich vanilla taste emerges, with hints of bitter orange, dates, cocoa beans, cherries and saffron.

Finish: Soft and smooth.