Alipus San Miguel Mezcal

Alipus San Miguel Mezcal

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Artisanal mezcal composed of an 80/20 blend of Espadín and Arroqueño agaves hand-harvested from the Oaxaca Valley plains. Roasted in a stone-lined pit at ground level, ground by hand with a mallet in a canoa (wooden trough carved from a single log), fermented in 800-litre pine vats and double distilled in clay pots. A total of 560 bottles were produced. Bottled at 48.5%. (Bottle size 750ml)

Nose: Caramel, pine and minerals.

Palate: Coffee beans, wet earth and resin.

Finish: A strong lingering flavour.

Founded in 1999, Alipús started out as a ‘social impact project’ that sought to support traditional producers and their lands in a number of regions. Today they work with nine mezcal producers in Oaxaca, all of which contribute to the development of rural economies.


Alipus San Miguel Mezcal