Rooster Rojo Tequila

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    Rooster Rojo tequila is produced at Fabrica de Tequilas Finos distillery in the city of Tequila, Jalisco, at the foot of Tequila Hill. While distillation began back in 2000, the building is an old colonial site that dates back to 1923. 

    Produced using only 100% blue weber agave from Los Altos de Jalisco and the Tequila region, master distiller Arturo Fuentes Cortes stays faithful to traditional Mexican tequila production methods. Piñas are halved to preserve their sweetness and then twice distilled in stainless steel pot stills in order to preserve agave flavours and aromas. Each batch is blended for consistency, using water that's filtered through Mexican silver, making the drink softer and smoother.

    The rooster was chosen for the brand as it’s a well-known symbol of Mexico, with the red rooster (the king of roosters) seeming especially appropriate. The shape of the bottle is inspired by the Tequila volcano, which can be seen from the distillery.

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