Pascal Jolivet Wine

In 1926 father Louis and son Lucien Jolivet entered the world of wine & established Jolivet and Son wine merchant company. Until then Louis and Lucien had succeeded one another as cellar masters of Château de Tracy which is located in the Pouilly Fumé appellation in France's Loire Valley. Louis and Lucien used to select the grapes, buy in bulk and bottle and sell the wines over the Sancerre area. In 1982 Jacques, the son of Lucien, founded his own beverage distributing company, Les Grands Vins du Val de Loire. As a passionate wine master he encouraged his eldest son Pascal, then 22, to work as a sales agent of the Maison Pommery Champagne house. Nowadays, Pascal still represents Maison Pommery. Eventually Jacques asked Pascal to run Les Grands Vins du Val de Loire. In 1986 Gérard Boyer, a close friend to Pascal and one of his very first customers as the three-star chef of the restaurant les Crayères in Reims in Champagne, encouraged Pascal to set up his own wine brand under his own name.