Whisky Tastings

We host and present whisky tastings several times each week, from 1-on-1 private tastings to corporate year-end events of over 300 people; no tasting is too big/small, too near/far, too basic/advanced.


Our tastings are completely customisable based on your requirements. Our approach is to make the tasting fun and informal but informative. Although each tasting varies the basics for a general tasting are as follows:

  • 5 whiskies arranged around a theme (see options below)
  • Dedicated whisky presenter
  • 60-90 minute guided tasting
  • Tasting glasses provided


We conduct and host tastings practically anywhere, including our whisky shop in Hyde Park and of course our whisky bar in Morningside. We are happy to come to your offices, your home, or a venue. We are also happy to travel and do so frequently across South Africa and even internationally to present tastings.


Our tastings are centred around a theme to help facilitate the tasting and focus on various points of information and interest. The following are several of our most popular themes/topics and provide a good starting point to branch out if needed:

  • Intro to Whisky- Provides an overview into the world of whisky, touching on history, production process, tasting guidance and flavours. Line-up includes a single malt, blended malt, blend, single pot still and a grain whisky.
  • Intro to Scotch- Focuses on Scotch whisky covering the basics of Scotch history, requirements, production, categories and flavours.
  • Intro to Irish Whiskey- Focuses on Irish whiskey covering the basics of Irish history, requirements, production, categories and flavours. Whiskies will include traditional Single Pot Still, grain and blends.
  • Intro to American Whiskey- From bourbon and rye, to single barrel and barrel proof releases. Stray off the well-trodden path of commercial brands and get an insight into the history, flavours and producers of American whiskey.
  • Intro to Asian Whisky- Japanese whisky is not a new thing; understand the rich history of Japanese whisky making along with some newer counterparts from Taiwan and India.
  • Flavours of Whisky- From your lighter softer styled whiskies, to your sherry bombs and peat monsters. Discover the wide array of flavours to be found in your favourite dram, and where they come from.
  • Wood Influence- A closer look at the influence of wood on the flavour development of whisky, including the impact of various cask sizes, climates, various wood finishes (Sauternes, Port, Madeira, Rum, etc.).
  • 5 Nations- Five whiskies from five different countries, usually staying away from the traditional whisky producing countries and focusing more on 'new world' whisky producers from Taiwan, France, India, South Africa, etc.

With access to 100s of whiskies from across the world, covering all styles and categories, we are able to provide a tasting customised as much as needed. Thus, if none of the above spark your interest, be sure to contact us to discuss your needs.


Pricing varies depending on your requirements, the selection of whisky being poured and the number of participants. Please contact us and we can provide a custom quote based on your requirements.