Veuve du Vernay Sparkling Wine

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    Founded in 1960 by Robert Charmat, the son of scientist, Eugene Charmat who patented the Charmat Method of producing sparkling wines. He named his sparkling wines for a widow (Veuve in French) in Vernay who helped his father during his early winemaking days. 

    Veuve du Vernay is produced by Patriarche, a leading wine producer in France founded in 1780 in Beaune, the heart of Burgundy, where they focus on two areas of winemaking, Burgundy appellation wines and fine sparkling wines.

    The grapes come from the most beautiful vineyards, and the base wines are carefully chosen and assembled before the liqueur de tirage is added triggering the second fermentation and foam creation. Today Veuve du Vernay is the leading French sparkling wine brand with a distribution in over 70 markets.

    4 products
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