La Luna Mezcal

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    Launched in 2018 by Mexican spirits producer Puente Internacional, La Luna Mezcal is produced in Michoacán, Mexico, using sustainable and biodynamic techniques, as well as traditional processes. As part of the production of La Luna Mezcal, Puente Internacional has partnered with the Perez Escot Family to support farmers, the surrounding communities and the wildlife around the family’s agave plantations. 

    At altitudes of above 2,000 meters (6,600 feet), both wild and cultivated magueys are harvested when they reach maturity. Their piñas are cooked in cone-shaped earthen ovens lined with volcanic rock, heated by moist white oak, and covered by agave leaves (pencas), palm leaf mats, and dirt. After roasting, the piñas are macerated and fermented by indigenous yeasts in open-air wooden vats, then distilled twice in copper pans inside traditional pinewood stills or ancestral clay pots.

    While the shortage and premature harvesting of blue agave has posed serious issues for many regions of Mexico, Puente and the Perez Escot Family have pledged to replant 10 agave plants for each one harvested for the production of spirits.

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