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    Located in the heart of the Grande Champagne, the premium wine growing area of the Cognac region, the house of Hine has been producing cognac for six generations. Named after its proprietor Thomas Hine, an Englishman from Dorset, England, the company was founded in 1763. Following his arrest during the French Revolution, Thomas Hine married a young woman, Françoise Elisabeth, whose father owned a cognac house in Jarnac. Hine took the company to new heights, and eventually renamed it Thomas Hine & Co. in 1817.

    It remains a family-owned business to this day where a dedicated team of just 30 people strive to preserve 259 years of spirited history. Although Hine seeks to identify and isolate certain plots to vinify yields, the heart of the cognac adventure resides in the final blending process and this is what guarantees the character of every Hine cognac. Cellar master, Eric Forget, calls on his memory and sense of harmony to recreate the essence of every blend each year using the different ‘eaux-de-vie’ (water of life) made available to him annually.

    Since 1962, Hine remains the only official supplier of cognac to the British monarchy, with a nod from the stag, positioned at the French House with its face turned towards England, saluting the path travelled.

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