Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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    Glen Grant, situated in Rothes, Speyside was founded in 1840, by brothers John and James Grant, two former illegal distillers and smugglers who decided to take out a license. By 1872, the two brothers had sadly died and young James ‘The Major’ Grant, born in 1847 inherited the business from his uncle John.

    Stories about ‘The Major’ abound. A legendary innovator, socialiser and traveller, he lived by his own rules and set his own standards. He was the first man in the Highlands to own a car. Glen Grant was the first distillery to have electric lights, and he introduced the tall slender stills and purifiers which created the fresh malty flavour that defines Glen Grant whisky to this day.

    In 1931, Major Grant died, survived by his three daughters and a distillery that had become one of the most famous in the world. In 2006, the distillery was purchased by the Italian company Campari. To this day, Glen Grant continues to be one of the biggest selling single malts worldwide, and the biggest in Italy.

    For more information, visit the Glen Grant Distillery website.

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