Dufftown Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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    The town of Dufftown has the highest concentration of distilleries in the world, also being home to the Mortlach, Glenfiddich, Balvenie, defunct Convalmore, Glendullan and Kininvie distilleries. Due to its high production ability, Dufftown is one of the most powerful towns in the whisky industry. It has been said that Dufftown raises more capital for the British government per head of population than any place else in the country.

    Dufftown was founded by the Dufftown-Glenlivet Company in 1895, and was initially creatively named the “Dufftown-Glenlivet Distillery”. In 1897, just one year after production had launched, Mackenzie & Company acquired the distillery and retained responsibility for the site for the next forty years. During the early twentieth century, Arthur Bell and Sons, purchased the distillery, marking the beginning of the use of Dufftown single malt in their blend. Responding to an increase in demand, Bell’s doubled the amount of stills used at the site from two to four in 1974 and added two additional stills in 1979. These expansions in terms of production have made Dufftown one of the best-functioning distilleries in Scotland in terms of production.

    In 1985, United Distillers (UDV), now owned by Diageo, acquired the Dufftown distillery. Today, Dufftown’s reputation as a single malt brand has taken a backseat to its contributing role with Bell’s. With the appearance of the Singleton of Dufftown brand the distillery starts to gain new reputation.

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