Black Bull Blended Scotch Whisky

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    Black Bull blended whisky was created in 1864 by George Willsher in his store in Dundee, Scotland. From the earliest days George believed in offering his customers a high-malt, small batch whisky by using a minimum of 50% malt whisky in his blends and bottling at 50% ABV. As a farmer, Willsher bred his own cattle, his favourite bull taking pride of place on the label of his iconic whisky.

    By the late 19th century Black Bull was exported to markets across Europe and to support his endeavour, Willsher built his own distillery, Glen Coull, in eastern Scotland. Owning his own distillery helped Willsher control the whisky making process from growing the barley to bottling the finished whisky, all destined for his blend.

    In 2001 Black Bull was acquired by Euan Shand from Duncan Taylor independent bottler and blender, who have honoured the original recipe, crafting the blend in small batches with at least a 50% malt content and bottling at 50% ABV.

    For more information, visit the Black Bull website.

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