Amrut Indian Single Malt

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    Amrut Distillieries Ltd was originally founded in 1948. The company initially manufactured Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) but in 1982, decided to create a premium whisky from barley, while most distillers in India were manufacturing "whisky" using molasses.

    20 years later Amrut single malt was born and first launched in Scotland in 2004, only becoming available in its home country in 2010; the same year it was voted the third best whisky in the world by Jim Murray, which firmly placed it on the world whisky stage.

    With India's hot climate, the angel's share is as high as 12% compared, to an average of 2% in Scotland, and maturation of a 3 year old Indian whisky is often equated to having the same maturation as a 12 year old Scotch. Amrut is a Sanskrit word which translates as "nectar of the gods/life".

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