Talisker 25 (Bottled 2006)

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Released within Diageo's 'Superpremium' editions, Talisker 25 year old has been bottled a number of times, this particular bottle is from the 2006 release.


Nose: Fruity (passion fruit, lemon and hints of green apple peel) and peaty, yet in a very mature way, not how a young Lagavulin can be described as fruity and peaty for example. Extremely coastal too, with loads of salty seaweed, and a touch of iodine. Finally, let’s not forget to mention it is actually quite waxy, as well as showcasing some subtle sal ammoniac.
Taste: Yep, waxy (although not very), and very peppery, even for a Talisker. Hints of licorice and citrus, as well as more than a pinch of salt. More expressive (and aggressive even) than the nose suggests, with a more dominant peat influence. There very subtle notes of marzipan here, as well as some cappuccino and menthol.
Finish: Lingering pepper-y notes, with peat as well. Long.