Restless River 'Ava Marie' 2018

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Restless River 'Ava Marie' Chardonnay bears the name of its vineyard (which in turn was named after Craig and Anne's daughter), 2.06ha in size, and registered as a single vineyard. Specific grape parcels were hand-picked over a period of three weeks in February and immediately fed into an old Vaslin press. After a gentle four hour squeeze, the oxidised juice was settled overnight, then racked into a variety of different sized French oak barrels (7% new) and two terracotta amphora, unlined, made in Tuscany. Natural fermentation took up to 30 days, after which sulphur was added for the first time and the wine was aged, sur lie for 11 months. The wine was then given a light fining before being racked into a stainless steel tank, where it rested for a further three months before bottling. The wine was bottle aged at 14°C for 18 months before release. Bottled at 13%. (Bottle size 750ml)