Online Time with WhiskyBrother

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WhiskyBrother online shopping is safe and secure.

All proceeds from this initiative will go towards supporting the WhiskyBrother Bar and its staff.

These are unprecedented times we live in, and as the saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention". It is with this creative (and necessary) spirit in mind that we are offering you the opportunity to purchase time with one of our senior WhiskyBrother team members.

Arrange an online whisky event with your friends, and we will join the event to lead you through the tasting, or participate in any whisky capacity you would like; we can regale you with whisky stories, share our whisky knowledge or help you plan your next trip to Scotland!

More Details:

  • It is up to you to arrange the event
  • We will contact you shortly after your purchase to agree on a date and time
  • Our participation in the online event will last for 90 minutes
  • Only valid for events with a maximum of 12 participants (excluding the WB member)
  • No whisky is included, you are purchasing our time and expertise and supporting our WhiskyBrother Bar
  • To be redeemed within two years of the date of purchase
  • Recording of the event and sharing thereof is not allowed