Old Grand Dad 114 proof

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Mashbill: 63% Corn, 27% Rye, 10% Malted Barley


Black pepper jumps out of the Glencairn, tingling the senses.  It’s followed by light citrus wisps of pineapple, and Orange Zest with simple syrup and vanilla peaking through as well.


Pepper, pepper, pepper.  The rye is the star of the show here.  It’s front and center, and makes this taste almost like a rye whiskey rather than a bourbon.  But some citrus manages to make an appearance, followed by oak, vanilla, cranberry and light orange or tangerine.


Medium to short in length, the Jim Beam profile makes itself known quickly.  There is a certain Jim beam “flavor” to most of their products.  I’ve heard it called “yeasty,” “cardboard,” and a host of other names, but it’s a defining characteristic of the beam profile, likely owing to the yeast strains they use.  Those familiar with Beam products will know it, and probably have their own term for it.  Regardless, if you like Beam, you’ll like this finish.