Los Danzantes Espadin Joven Mezcal

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Artisanal mezcal produced with 100% Espadín hand-harvested from the Oaxaca Valley plains. Roasted in a stone-lined, wood-fired roasting pit, milled using a horse-pulled millstone, naturally fermented in 800-litre pine vats with yeast native to the region and double distilled in copper stills. Bottled at 47%. (Bottle size 750ml)

Nose: Well-balanced aromas of roasted maguey blend with a mix of green herbs and sharp freshness.

Palate: Light, refined flavours marked by hints of sweet citrus at the peak, with strong lingering notes of roasted agave, a persistent citrus flavour and smoky aftertaste.

Finish: A finish reminiscent of smoke and wood, including a strong lingering aftertaste that is generous in the throat and stomach.

Owned by restaurateurs Jaimé and Gustavo Muñoz, Los Danzantes distillery was founded in 1997 in Santiago Matatlan, Mexico.