Highland Park 25

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The casks impart an astonishing flavour to the whisky as it matures – at once dark and full bodied with a rich and nutty spiciness, yet brimming with sweet dried fruits, cinder toffee and soft fudge. 25 years encased in oak has not only created a whisky with impressive depths, but time has delivered a vibrant sweetness too

Damp Fall leaves, exotic kitchen spices that hint of India and Thailand, and cold sea air mixed with peat.  Restrained but undoubtedly powerful.

Explodes upon the palate!  Very intense, concentrated, aromatic flavors of this heavy bodied single malt rain down upon you like the vengeance of God.  Fear and trembling.  This is very powerful.  While a heavy mouthfeel is present, the flavors are, nevertheless, well defined.  You can easily pick out chewy butterscotch, spiced pineapple, dried apricot, fine oak, spicy Cohiba cigar, and marmalade as they fill your palate.  The dominant flavor towards the end is a Florida orange.

Long!  Wood smoke and malty cinnamon becomes a powerful orange rind and ancient oak that demands your complete attention.  An awe inspiring example of an extremely masterful single malt.