Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

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This whisky was inspired by the collapse of several Glenfiddich distillery roofs in January 2010, following weeks of heavy snow. Weighed down by four feet of compact snow, the warehouse roofs collapsed and exposed hundreds of maturing oak casks. From some of these casks the Snow Phoenix was created, by marrying together natural strength and non-chillfiltered casks of different ages and finishes, including American oak and Oloroso sherry. Bottled at 47.6%.

Released in 2010, and very limited in number, the Snow Phoenix quickly sold out worldwide, and now is highly sought-after by those collectors and drinkers that missed out.

Nose: Creamy vanilla mixes with vibrant apple and pear, complemented by soft blossom.

Palate: Wild flavours – apples roasted in campfire embers, sweetened with heather honey and accompanied by a little chocolate. Rich and complex with a trace of burned sugar, coffee and wood smoke.

Finish: Exceptionally long. Austere sherry notes mellow into satisfying sweetness.