Glen Grant 23yo LMDW

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Located in the town of Rothes in the heart of Speyside, the Glen Grant Distillery was built in 1840 by the James & John Grant brothers. Its still-bell stills and still more traditional spirit stills are all equipped with purifiers to produce the most delicate distillate possible. Radiant with vitality, this version constantly places at the heart of the olfactory and gustatory debate the medicinal notes which allowed it to preserve intact a freshness and a freedom of tone which make it timeless. Equally eloquent, its fruity, floral, herbaceous and spicy registers are not left out.

Profile: lively, the first nose is vanilla, herbaceous and camphorated. After aeration, it becomes lactic, lemony and spicy (clove) with malted barley in the background. Decided, the attack on the palate is malty before becoming extremely fruity. The middle of the mouth is medicinal. Tense, the finish has a very fine touch. It reveals notes of tobacco, citrus fruits and dried fruits. Small Batch - Bourbon Cask