Craigellachie 10yo LMDW

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Founded in 1890, the Craigellachie Distillery was renovated in 1964, with the number of stills increasing from two to four. It is also equipped with eight larch fermentation tanks (washbacks). Since 1998, she belongs to Bacardi. If it were necessary to retain only one of the qualities of the aromatic and taste palette of this version, it would be undeniably the extremely melted way in which the three stages of tasting are linked to each other. this balance is based in particular on a spine that is both fleeing, malted and spicy.

Powerful, the first nose is fruity (apple), herbaceous and spicy (ginger). After aeration, it is jammy (apricot) and malty (porridge). Dynamic, the attack on the palate is vanilla and farm (straw). The mid-palate is powdered (cocoa). Long, the finish is cocoa and greedy (apricot tart). It continues on floral notes (lavender) and fruity (plum) The retro-olfaction is slightly medicinal (camphor).