Clairin Sajous Rum

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Clairin is a distilled alcoholic spirit made from sugarcane produced in Haiti, that undergoes the same distillation process as rum. Each release is named after the owner/distiller that produced it. Clairin Sajous Rum was distilled at the Chelo distillery in the village of St Michel de l'Attalaye. Distilled on 21 June 2017, matured for 41 months in an ex-Evan Williams bourbon barrel and bottled in November 2020. Bottled at 56.8%. (Bottle size 750ml) 

Nose: Rich, heady. Very finely liquoriced, the first nose is also freshly herbaceous and fruity (lemon). When aired, strong spices (nutmeg) rub shoulders with more medicinal notes (musk, sinapism). Gradually, sugarcane and cane sugar rise to the surface of the aromatic palette.

Palate: Both lively and fresh. Exotic (pineapple, banana], the attack in the mouth is in turn marked by notes of green liquorice. The mid–palate is subtly fruity and candied (grapefruit, lime). The finish is tenderly spicy (cinnamon, ginger).

Finish: Long, precise. Evocative, the beginning of the finish literally transports us to the time of the sugarcane harvest. At the same time, succulent vanilla and chocolate flavours bring a lot of sweetness and flesh to the texture of the taste palette. The finish is fibrous [sugarcane) and aromatic verbena, thyme). The empty glass reveals notes of puffed rice and custard.

Located north of Port-au-Prince in Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye, the Chelo distillery was founded in 2004 by Michel Sajous. On the 30 hectares of the property, it produces an extremely renowned clairin from a non-hybrid variety of sugarcane called Cristalline.