Bruichladdich 10 year old

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A rare, old style bottling of Bruichladdich Distillery 10 year old Malt Scotch Whisky from previous owners in the 1990s.

Old Style distillery expression release from the Invergordon Period.

Bruichladdich Recent History.

Acquired by Invergordon Distillers for £40,000 in 1969.

At some point in 1975 Invergordon extended the distillery, enlarging the mash house and tun room and adding second pair of Stills, now four stills, bringing annual capacity to 800,000 proof gallons.

The original mill and washbacks installed by the Harvey brothers remain. Bruichladdich has tall stills which produce a relatively clean spirit and is certainly light-bodied in comparison to most of the other Islay malts.

In 1993 Invergordon Distillers was acquired by Whyte & Mackay who mothball the distillery two years later in 1995.

New Owners.

19th December 2000 bought by a small independent company of private individuals, headed by Mark Reynier, Gordon Wright and Simon Coughlin of Murray McDavid.

July 2012. Mark Reynier,  managing director and co founder of the restored Bruichladdich distillery has seen the company sold against his will and advice to Remy Cointreau.