Blended Whisky #1 50yo B5 TBWC

Blended Whisky #1 50yo B5 TBWC

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A blended whisky by independent bottler and blender That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC). This 50yo Blended Whisky #1 is their 5th batch with 2,000 bottles released. Bottled at 46.6%. (500ml)

Nose: Rich dark chocolate, polished leather, and walnut. Hints of mochaccino and Chinese salted dried plums.

Palate: Darkly decadent, it’s rich, thick, and coats the inside of your mouth with a subtle sweetness; treacle, and black cherry pipe tobacco, alongside velvet-like chocolate

Finish: Black Forest Gâteau with a pinch of salt before the tannins start to dry the mouth. Glorious!

Blended Whisky