BenRiach 12yo Arumaticus

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Released in May 2007, BenRiach ‘ARUMATICUS FUMOSUS’ is part of a range of three 12 year old HEAVILY PEATED BenRiachs, originally matured in American oak and then finished either in sherry, port or dark rum wood. In the case of ‘Arumaticus Fumosus’, the whisky has been finished in JAMAICAN DARK RUM Barrels, and the name, which is Latin, literally translates to ‘SMOKY RUM’. This maintains the tradition of giving our peated expressions Latin names, which started with Curiositas (10 years old) and Authenticus (21 years old), and which has become somewhat of a signature for BenRiach. Bottled  at NATURAL colour and NON CHILL filtered, ‘Arumaticus Fumosus’ is available on a strictly limited basis.

46% ABV



Peat reek and smokies, moor herbs and heather, followed by a cascade of rum and sultanas.


Light gold.


Peat, eucalyptus, smokies, wild flowers and vanilla, with a huge infusion of sultanas and rum.