Ardbeg Kelpie Committee Release

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The 2017 Committee Release from Ardbeg sees the unveiling of the Kelpie, a mysterious malt from the depths of Islay that is said to be as deep as the Ocean - a reference to the virgin Black Sea oak casks used in the maturation process.

This limited edition was bottled at a natural strength 51.7% ABV and made exclusively available to Committee members, and for visitors to the distillery itself, in preparation for Ardbeg Day on the 3rd June 2017.

Part-matured in Bourbon and Russian oak casks from Adygea by the Black Sea, this cask strength Islay malt scored 86 points on WhiskyFun and has been generally well received by critics and punters alike.

The Kelpie takes its name from the Scottish water-faeries, who are known to take the shape of a horse or bull when luring mariners to their watery doom. The sound of a Kelpie’s tail entering the water is said to resemble that of thunder. So, should you be passing a river and hear an unearthly wailing or howling; beware it could be a Kelpie warning of an approaching storm!