Online Whisky Events

The current global pandemic and resulting lockdowns have seen a temporary end to physical whisky tastings, festivals and events. Thankfully, organisers and brands are moving online to offer some digital dramming and whisky reprieve during these unprecedented times. We've compiled a list of online whisky activities across the globe, that we'll endeavour to keep updated as long as these events continue. Although we are including our weekly livestreams, the rest are not WhiskyBrother initiatives, so we take no responsibility for the content or quality! If we've missed an event that you are aware of, send us an email and we'll add it to the list.

Hopefully these events will offer some semblance of normalcy, an opportunity to connect with the whisky community and a good excuse to pour a dram. The times listed for the events are in South African Standard Time.




3 June, Wed 11pm | Mark Gillespie | WhiskyCast

4 June, Thurs 8pm | GlenAllachie | Live Tasting

5 June, Fri 4pm | WhiskyBrother | Whisky Makes Me Happy Hour

5 June, Fri 10pm | Tomatin | Softer Side Sessions

10 June, Wed 11pm | Mark Gillespie | WhiskyCast

12 June, Fri 10pm | Tomatin | Softer Side Sessions

12 June, Fri 11pm | Mark Gillespie | WhiskyCast

17 June, Wed 11pm | Mark Gillespie | WhiskyCast

18 June, Thurs 8pm | GlenAllachie | Isolation Tastin'

19 June, Fri 10pm | Tomatin | Softer Side Sessions

19 June, Fri 11pm | Mark Gillespie | WhiskyCast

24 June, Wed 11pm | Mark Gillespie | WhiskyCast

30 June, Tues 10pm | Tomatin | Softer Side Sessions