Helden The African Bonfire

Helden The African Bonfire

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The inaugural release of The African Bonfire from the Helden distillery, described as the world's first African-style whisky*. Produced from indigenous malted red sorghum and malted South African barley and matured for 3.5 years in a combination of French oak and African indigenous camel thorn wood casks. Because camel thorn is a protected tree in South Africa, Helden import the wood from Namibia. Their aim is to plant one camel thorn tree for every barrel of African-style whisky they produce. Only 212 bottles were produced. Bottled at 48.7%. (Bottle size 500ml)

Nose: Soft and deep smoke-touched wood and spice with the novel and one-of-a-kind camel thorn aromatic complexity, reminiscent of an African bushveld evening.

Palate: A silky and full-bodied expression featuring a touch of initial creamy sweetness, with a spicy touch at the end.

Finish: A deep finish that slowly evolves into a complex combination of thorn tree herbal spice, evoking the sweet, complex aromas of the African bushveld.

*Helden's objective for this style of whisky is to showcase what Africa has to offer, subscribing to three simple, but non-negotiable rules: 1) At least 51% indigenous African grains in the grain bill; 2) Maturation or finishing of the spirit in indigenous African woods; and 3) Distilled and matured on African soil.


Helden The African Bonfire South African Whisky
Helden The African Bonfire