Amrut Kadhambam

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A wholly intriguing and now discontinued single malt from Indian producers Amrut. Kadhambam translates as “combination” or “mixture” and refers to the different maturation and barley that is used to create this delicious malt whisky. Both peated and unpeated barley is used to produce this malt. The spirit was first matured in ex-Oloroso casks, before being moved into rum and brandy casks (both these spirits were also produced at the distillery). The result is an extremely complex and delicious malt, with rich sherry influence accompanied by grape, and sweet fresh cane note and a slight smoke. The incredible heat of India produces a more intense single malt, which is extremely flavoursome. Bottled at a warming 50% ABV, this brings out the flavours of the whisky fully. A wholly unique and delicious spirit, and rather hard to get hold of these days, that will appeal to all fans of world whiskies.